Department of Homeland Security ICS Certification

Department of Homeland Security ICS Certification

Dear Process Wise Friend,


The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) offers very good security training for individuals directly responsible for, or consulting in, industrial control systems.  Unlike the usual vendor-offered “training”, which usually turns out to be a sales presentation on a software product, the DHS training is very informative and very in-depth.  The instructors are knowledgeable and also look nerdy to boot – bonus!


There are web-based training classes (16 hours), local instructor-led classes (1-3 days), and a week-long cybersecurity boot camp in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


How much does it cost?  Nothing!  The Department of Homeland Security covers the bill.  There are a couple of stipulations however, if I understand it correctly.  First, you have to sign-up way ahead of time (months).  This gives adequate time for a background check (Kim Jong-un need not apply).  Also, after you have taken a course, I believe you cannot repeat it.  So save your notes.


For more information go to the website below.  Having taken several classes myself, I highly recommend it!