Getting the most from Honeywell Products

At Process Wise, we have the expertise to help you get the most from your Honeywell products.  Your PHD historian is collecting all kinds of data from your plant, but what is it doing for you?  We can help you identify the proper Honeywell tools to visualize and analyze your plant data.

  1. We can show you how to use Uniformance Excel Add-in with custom macro coding to create full-featured applications using Microsoft Excel.
  2. We can help you use Uniformance Process Studio and its graphic capabilities to create visualizations of your processes.
  3. We can help you use Experion Backup and Restore to properly prepare for system restores or disaster recoveries.
  4. We can help you display read-only Experion graphics on your intranet using E Server.
  5. We can help you prepare for Uniformance Insight and its exciting web capabilities.
  6. We can retrieve data into custom applications using PHD APIs such as OLEDB, OPC HDA.

In short, we can help you leverage your investment in Honeywell products and make them work harder for you.  Let us show you how to how!

If you have any questions for me or if you have any learning experiences you would like to share with me or with others, give me a call, write, or send me an email.  Every so often I’ll be sending out an email with tips and tricks that I hope will make your work experience better.  If you know of anyone else that would like to be included or if you’d like to be excluded,
let me know.  Thanks for your support.  It’s great to be alive, and I hope you’re having your best day so far!

Submitted by Jason Baum on 9/15/2015