Items forgotten on your last PHD upgrade

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I hope you are faring well and have great goals and expectations as this fall begins and we move on towards the end of 2010.  We at Vision Stone are particularly blessed and are looking forward to even better things in the future.


Items forgotten on your last PHD upgrade!

At Vision Stone, we don’t just go by the same old, tired manual when doing upgrades, but instead we are constantly learning and improving.  As a result, the steps in the standard installation documentation that comes with PHD are not as good as the immense improvements we made to it years ago.  And, the work of years past, is not nearly as good or as thorough as the work we are doing now.  When you do your next upgrade, whoever does it (I’ll bet you can guess who will do it best), here are some steps you will want to ensure happen:

1.       Keep a checklist to ensure everything is done right and consistently (At this point, mine has 697 individual steps!)

2.       Make a Uniformance Diagnostics file of each of the machines before and after upgrade

3.       Schedule automatic backups of the archives

4.       Schedule automatic backups of the new database

5.       Go Gigabit!  Your new server probably has a Gigabit network card, but it’s amazing how many people settle for the 1/10 speed alternative that is the default.

6.       Clean up the machine of worthless stuff!  Running programs slow a machine tremendously.  Take them out and uninstall them if at all possible

7.       Give yourself tools for your future work.  Notice the previous tip was to get rid of worthless programs; I didn’t say to get rid of tools you are going to be kicking yourself 50 times over for not having it installed when you needed it.  I like to install a tool for documentation, many for testing interfaces like the PHD Server or the OPC Server for instance.  Additionally, I like to install tools to look into the database that comes with PHD.


Q.  Can Uniformance Process Studio work with older versions of PHD?

A.  If you ask this question of Honeywell Marketing, you will hear a resounding, “No!”  However, I just happened to install it prior to upgrading a PHD 202 system to PHD 215 and it worked perfectly well connecting to the PHD 202 server!  One thing I did not try is the graphics portion of the new desktop tool so I cannot say for sure whether that portion will work, however, thinking about it and seeing the results, I don’t think there would be a problem.  Uniformance Process Studio by default uses the API server that came out with PHD 202 “Api200” in its nomenclature.  There have been new features, but the core has not changed since.  In fact, if you alter Uniformance Process Studio so it connects to the PHD API type: RemoteApi200, my suspicion is that it will work with versions even prior to 202.  So if you have an SE&SP contract with Honeywell, you are probably entitled to the software.  Order it and try it out even if upgrading to PHD 215 is still in the future.


I have many more items I am excited to share with you including my review of Honeywell Experion PKS eServer, The OPC Foundation Road Show, OPC Servers that are worth-their-weight and much more!

If you have any questions for me or if you have any learning experiences you would like to share with me or with others, give me a call, write, or send me an email.  Every so often I’ll be sending out an email with tips and tricks that I hope will make your work experience better.  If you know of anyone else that would like to be included or if you’d like to be excluded, let me know.  Thanks for your support.  It’s great to be alive, and I hope you’re having your best day so far!


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