Profit Vision

Racing around a track at 200 miles per hour against the top drivers in the world is stiff competition. Every acceleration, every corner, every shift, every brake has to be timed perfectly and performed at exact speeds. But what if there were no speedometer in the car? The driver would be left guessing what to do and would ultimately be left behind.

In processing plants like chemical, petrochemical, gas processing and refining facilities decisions are made constantly about when, how, and how quickly to make corrections and changes to maximize profits. However, operations personnel rarely have any idea how much profit they are generating until long after the decisions have been made. This is, in essence, driving without a speedometer! It simply does not make sense!

Profit Vision is the first commercially available tool designed to show operations staff in real time how much money they are making or losing. It shows where profits are generated and where they are lost. It provides immediate insight into mistakes in progress so they can be corrected before they make the “Monday morning meeting” or even tomorrow’s daily report.

Profit Vision is “More Advanced” Process Control. On top of its calculation engine are valuable screens, viewable by operations 24/7, which act like the dash of a high-performance race car. It does not control the process directly in any way, but rather advises operators, supervisors and managers regarding current processes, empowering them to use their process knowledge, experience and skills to maximize profits. In fact, Profit Vision can work on top of traditional and costly APC solutions, helping plants to realize additional and greater benefits.