Any recommended setup in the Excel Addin after installation?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsAny recommended setup in the Excel Addin after installation?
Guest asked 5 years ago

We have version 320 of the addin.

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Jason Baum answered 5 years ago

This is a GREAT question because, unfortunately, the defaults Honeywell sets up for you are less-than-ideal.  To alter the settings for the Excel add-in, click on Uniformance in the menu, then click on the gray gear icon “Options”.  Here are my top changes:
Configuration, Local, Application Defaults, Performance, Enable performance optimization:  Change to False

  • This one is the MOST FRUSTRATING setting in the Excel addin.  It will limit the number of results, inexplicably, to the “Maximum Data Values” setting just below it!  So, let’s say you are wanting to see the tag values every minute for the last 5 days, this should return 60min x 24 hours x 5 days = 7,200 data values.  However, because of this setting, which is, by default, 1000, it will only return 1000 values during that time frame.  It will, therefore, say, “I know they asked for 1 minute data, but since I have the limit of 1000, I will only give them data every 7.2 minutes to reduce the number to something acceptable.”  The user either doesn’t notice, possibly making incorrect assumptions, or gets frustrated about why there isn’t data every minute!  Do yourself a favor and turn this setting off!  

Configuration, Local, Application Defaults, General, Maximum Item Browser results:  Change to 10,000
Configuration, Local, Application Defaults, General, Interval Relative to Timestamp:  Change to After

  • This subject can be very confusing, but let’s say you want the hourly averages for each hour of the day and you have this set to Before.  The result posted for 2:00 will actually be the time-weighted average from 1:00:00 to 1:59:59.  This would be confusing to most people.  If you have this set to After, the result posted for 2:00 will be the average from 2:00:00 to 2:59:59.  That is usually how we think.

Configuration, Local, Application Defaults, Show, TagName:  Change to False
Configuration, Local, Application Defaults, Show, Confidence:  Change to False
Configuration, Local, Application Defaults, Show, Attribute Name:  Change to False
Configuration, Local, Data Sources, DefaultPHD, PHD Specific, PHD API type: Change to RemoteApi200

  • This setting will assist with pulling data through firewalls and accross disparate domains.  It means that your user name and password does not have to be known to the PHD Server to pull data from it.  Even if the PHD Server is on the same domain as you and can contact the same domain controllers to verify who you are, this is a good setting to have.

Those are my top favorite changes.  What are yours?  

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