Can I integrate ArchestrA Factory Suite Gateway with PHD?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsCan I integrate ArchestrA Factory Suite Gateway with PHD?
Guest asked 5 years ago

Can I integrate ArchestrA FactorySuite Gateway with PHD?  This is the OPC Server for Wonderware by Invensys.

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Jason Baum answered 5 years ago

We have several documents on setting up ArchestrA FactorySuite Gateway at Process Wise, but here is one that you can take a look at from Wonderware West:
Sorry for the long name.
After that, you can set up an OPC RDI for PHD if your goal is to bring data from Wonderware into PHD.  
If your goal is to send data the other way, ArchestrA FS Gateway can read from the PHD OPC Server.  This is not automatically installed (Unless Process Wise did the installation – Jab jab!).  It can be installed right off the Uniformance DVD.  
There are a few settings like making the server browseable which is set to not be browseable by default (why???).   Then you should be up an running.
Here’s another good idea:  Consider installing the Uniformance OPC Server on another server where you will not have to deal with DCOM issues of OPC.  For example: on the Archestra FS Gateway server!  It can be installed there!
Good luck!
Jason Baum

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