Can I use SQL Server Express with PHD?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsCan I use SQL Server Express with PHD?
Guest asked 5 years ago

I am thinking of upgrading from PHD 215 which is in Oracle.  I want to go to PHD 321, which is currently the latest version.  Can I use SQL Server Express?  What version?

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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

Honeywell does not support the use of SQL Server Express versions with PHD. This does not mean that it won’t work. I have created a PHD test system on Windows 10 and SQL Express 2014 and it works! I still would not put anything that is not supported by Honeywell into production.

Jason Baum answered 5 years ago

The newer version PHD R400, however, is supposed to support SQL Server Express.  This is due to come out in 2017.

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