How can I tell if an RDI has stop collecting?

Q&A ForumHow can I tell if an RDI has stop collecting?
Guest Staff asked 6 years ago

Our site`s PHD collector keeps losing connection to an OPC server. We never know that we are not collecting data until too late. How can we monitor our RDIs so we can know earlier?

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Taylor Dunn answered 6 years ago

I would suggest three ways of monitoring this.

Keep a Monitor System screen open on the server and check it periodically. This works but may be difficult due to human error of consistency or issues happening while you are away.

Use PHD’s Uniformance System Monitor to report the state of the RDI. This works well for seeing if the OPC connection is connected, however, there are some instances where an RDI will show active and still have stagnant data points.

Have an external application that monitors for changes in tag values.

To be absolutely sure and enjoy not continuously checking PHD (especially on the weekends) I would go with a combination of suggestions 2 and 3.

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