How can you collect data from Emerson DeltaV using a historian?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsHow can you collect data from Emerson DeltaV using a historian?
Guest asked 5 years ago

I am trying to pull data from DeltaV using our historian.  How can this be done?  Is there some sort of an interface?

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Jason Baum answered 5 years ago

There are two easy ways to pull data from DeltaV:

  1. Using the OPC server on the DeltaV system.  This is generally installed on the application node, if you have one.  It is not trivial, however, to get access to this OPC Server over the network.  Emerson adds security to disallow any connections.  Several changes need to be made in the DeltaV add-on security/user manager (Not the Windows’ version), to allow this to happen.  Also, you can install the DeltaV OPC Server on your collector, for example.
    1. Using the DeltaV historian.  DeltaV has two historians they sell.  One is called Continuous Historian and the other is a PI version.  Either one has OPC HDA (Historical Data Access version of OPC).  Using this connection, you will be able to “recover” history into PHD in case of a break in the connectivity.  The OPC HDA RDI (How’s that for a bunch of 3-letter acronyms?!?) or interface is a new one for Honeywell PHD and the performance we have seen in it so far has been only Ok.  It could be that it was  the fault of the other system and not the fault of the RDI.  We’ll keep you posted.
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