How do you integrate a historian with a Yokogawa system?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsHow do you integrate a historian with a Yokogawa system?
Guest asked 5 years ago

The Yokogawa DCS has an Exaquantum historian.  I can pull data from that using OPC and OPC HDA.  How could I get that data into Honeywell PHD?

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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

The latest versions of PHD can pull data from your Exaquantum historian via OPC DA, OPC HDA, or both. Yes, PHD has the ability to grab live data via OPC DA and it will recover data when a connection drops via OPC HDA all while using the same RDI.

Jason Baum answered 2 years ago

Yokogawa has an OPC Server for their DCS called ExaOPC.  This provides real-time access to data from the Yokogawa system, but not historical.  Any OPC Interface is allowed to pull data from this OPC server assuming they can perform a normal connection with the user account that is being used for the connection.  If you are having connection difficulties, check that your user account is allowed access on the machine.  Also, Yokogawa has security on top of Windows security.  Try to use an account that is known to the Yokogawa system.  

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