Monthly PHD maintenance?

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Guest asked 5 years ago

We have a Honeywell PHD system at our plant and there is no one here that knows how to administer it.  Does Process Wise do that?

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Jason Baum answered 5 years ago

Process Wise manages the PHD system on a monthly basis for about two dozen plants.  We can come to your plant and work there full-time or part-time as your needs dictate.  We can use remote, VPN access to fix problems 24/7 if the need arises.  Other times, we can schedule to come to the site one or more times a month and work on ensuring the system is running well, keeping a database of issues and their resolutions.  
We can cover all your upgrades, patching, tag building, integration with new systems, load balancing, data collection, system planning, training, desktop installations, lunch and learns, desktop assistance, report building, troubleshooting, etc.  
The concept is simple, have experts work a few hours to efficiently work to make you money right away vs. having someone less-experienced work a long time with limited knowledge about the potentials that exists to try to accomplish the same thing.  
Give me a call at 713-498-9718 if you are interested.  We can be as flexible as you need us to be!

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