What is new in Uniformance Process Studio 321?

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Guest asked 5 years ago

Are there any new features in Uniformance Process Studio (UPS) 321?  Any drawbacks or disadvantages to upgrading?

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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

UPS 321 is fixes a long list of bugs that existed in UPS 320. Both of those versions are very similar to UPS 310. The biggest drawback of UPS 321 is that it requires a license server connection for any level of usage. It used to be that no license authentication was required for a standard user. Even though UPS 321 is Honeywell’s first to require this, it still seems that they have the bugs worked out as long as you have the license server properly installed.
I would say right now if you are not running into any functionality issues, you should wait til the next version comes out in Q4 of 2016. I believe it will be named UPS 322 and it will have support for Microsoft Office 2016.

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