What is the best way to interface OSISoft PI with PHD?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsWhat is the best way to interface OSISoft PI with PHD?
Guest asked 5 years ago

PHD is collecting from the Honeywell Experion control system.  I want to port the data over into our corporate PI system.  What is the best way to interface the two?

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Jason Baum answered 5 years ago

You may not have known this, but, Osisoft PI has the capability of synchronizing and auto-building tags from any OPC or OPC HDA Server.  This is called, APS or Auto Point Synchronization.  That means, once you hook PI up to PHD, it will automatically build all the tags into PI that are in PHD and then, if the interface is set up correctly, can back fill the last several years of PHD historical data into PI!  Cool, huh?!?
You can additionally set up rules that will put a prefix, like “USA1.” at the beginning of the tag name, or make many other changes if you would like when the tag is built.  
Usually, many folks that have worked with PI, including Osisoft engineers, steer away from this synchronization because, most OPC servers have about 10-100 tags (OPC Items) you DON’T WANT for every tag you DO WANT.  If you just auto-built all that stuff, you would be filling PI with a bunch of garbage tags like whether a tag is active, what are its statistics of operation, etc.  
Honeywell PHD, however, only makes real tags available on its OPC HDA Server, so it is the ideal situation to use APS.  
Note:  If a tag disappears from PHD because it was deleted, the PI point would be set to not collect.  Later, if that point re-appears, PI will not rebuild it or start collecting it again because it believes it has already dealt with it.  You will have to manually go in and set it to collect again (Scan on).  
Process Wise has done several interfaces with PI and will be happy to help you.  Good luck my friend!

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