Will my Excel addin work with Office 2016?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsWill my Excel addin work with Office 2016?
Guest asked 4 years ago

We are going to Office 2016.  If I have UPS 320 and PHD 321 will the Excel addin work?

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Guest Staff answered 4 years ago

UPS 320 and 321 are not supported for use with Microsoft Office 2016. You should expect a new UPS version in Q4 2016 that will support Microsoft Office 2016.

Jason Baum answered 4 years ago

The new version that supports Office 2016 is Uniformance Process Studio 322. 

Jason Baum answered 3 years ago

To use Uniformance Process Studio 322 (322.1), you will need to install and configure a license server.  You can use your same license server for UPS 321 for this.  This applies to basic users as well as advanced and graphic builders.  

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