The Top 6 Things Seen at the Honeywell User’s group 2016

The Top 6 Things Seen at the Honeywell User’s group 2016

The Top 6 Things Seen at the Honeywell User’s group 2016

By Jason Baum


  1. Uniformance Insight – an HTML 5 web trending and graphics for PHD

Honeywell’s new Web graphics and trending tool, Uniformance Insight R101 is officially released as of the Honeywell User’s Group.  I tested this tool out, and it is a great step in the right direction.


Like Uniformance Process Studio, it requires a non-web, Uniformance-Insight-version HMIWeb Display Builder installation on a specific-version Windows PC in order to build the graphics.  However, the trends are built right in the web display and, are fully-featured with the ability to add and remove tags, change scales and time ranges, see hairlines, and change colors and thicknesses of the lines.  Uniformance Insight also has the ability to stack or arrange trends and graphics on a single screen called “Workspaces” or dashboards.


A feature I love is the area for “Public Workspaces” where a Workspace (or dashboard) containing trends and graphics can be shared with anyone in the company in an organized fashion.  Imagine a top folder of the entire company, subfolders of each individual facility, then subfolders of Environmental, Operations, Production Accounting, Safety, Maintenance, for example.  Beneath that, you could break things down into units or plants, etc.  Over time, a company could store many screens and trends that would not have to be continually re-created by using the Public Workspaces.


Uniformance Insite takes the place of Matrikon’s older tool, Operational Insight.


  1. Experion PKS R500 – March 2017

Some of the changes include:

  • Windows 10 and Server 2016 operating systems
  • Experion Profit Controller (Scaled-down RMPCT embedded in the C300)
  • Software licensing changes
  • Capability to replace multiple shapes in Display Builder
  • Newer Experion Software Manager
  • A new “Safety Critical Alarm” priority
  • A new Backup Control Center


  1. Seeq – New and unique web trending tool

This new web trending tool developed by some of the Original developers of PHD (Prior to Honeywell’s purchase of PHD), is a very interesting, 3rd party, web trending tool for PHD or any other historian (Probably going to be less buggy than Insight).  It has no graphic building or creating capability, but it allows you to be able to do things I have NEVER seen any other trending tool do — You can, for example, trend, in one window the measurements after any definable incident (startup or shutdown for example) for as many incidents as the tool can find in a time-frame.  Imagine seeing the pressure in a tower prior to each shutdown for the past 2 years all on one trend!  That is the power of Seeq!  More at including a video and free trial.  It’s cheap too! (Note: I have no connection to Seeq – just like it.)


  1. Experion Profit Controller – Advanced Process Control embedded in the C300 controller

Advanced Process Control (APC) usually requires purchasing a separate PC or server that resides closely-connected to the Distributed Control System (DCS) and allows predictions of where a process may be going and pre-emptive adjustments ahead of time.  With Experion Profit Controller, new logic blocks will be built into Control Builder with the ability to run in the C300 controller (Starting in Experion PKS R500).  There are capacity limitations, but this is a great improvement.


  1. Uniformance PHD R400 – Early 2017

A few of the changes to this version:

  • Support for SQL Server Express from Honeywell (SQL Server Express 2014 currently works per Process Wise testing)
  • Improved history recovery speed from Experion
  • Supporting sub-second OPC data – Not really that interesting for most.
  • “Use folder to make working with tags easy” – this could be interesting with easier searching for tags in user tools!


  1. Uniformance Asset Sentinel

This newer software package will be replacing Advanced Formula Manager (AFM) which is akin to Aspen Calc in IP.21 – A calculation tool that schedules calculations to run periodically (Like every minute, hour, or day) and stores the result to a tag in the historian.  This tool looks very promising, but has some drawbacks as well.  It will allow you to organize calculations and make them repeatable, but only integrates to PHD via OPC – which gives you no access to historical data, and also does not allow back-calculation of historical data. It does have a cool web interface and great trending and organizational abilities.