Who Do You Trust?

Intelligence, it seems, was not a good indicator of success.  Neither was height nor looks (there goes the advantage I thought I had). Also, hard work surprisingly is often performed by the leader and layman alike.  One characteristic did shine through: Integrity.   The dictionary defines integrity as “honesty, uprightness, and morality.”  I like to think of it as living up to your commitments, being honest, and doing the right and fair thing just because it is right and not because you’re legally bound to do it.  The attainment of success, therefore, is just one more reason to have integrity.

Honeywell Users Group

What better place to go in the hot summer than Phoenix, Arizona!  The Honeywell Users Group 2009 is June 14th to the 18th.  Discounted registration ends May 15th.  I highly recommend the Honeywell Users Group. You will learn a lot about future road maps and new/existing software that is difficult to discover in other venues.  Additionally, you get to talk to other Honeywell customers and get their view points about what works and what does not.  Also, it really is a great place to get ideas for using technology for plant improvements.

I have presented at the Honeywell Users Group several times about various topics including how to save money using PHD to track and report emissions, using wireless communications, and increasing profits using PHD.  Just to let you know, the Honeywell Support contract (SE&SP) entitles you to discounted or even free registration at the Honeywell Users Group.

BeAware Advisory: Gateway RDI

Q:  Jason, I received the following Priority Notice (PN 2009-06) from Honeywell.  Do we have to do anything about this?
“A Gateway RDI attempting to connect to an invalid remote host can cause another Gateway RDI to disconnect.”

A:  First of all, an RDI is a “Real-time Data Interface” which collects data or readings from one system and shuttles it into PHD.  The “Gateway RDI” is one of many possible RDI’s (or interfaces) supplied by Honeywell for gathering data from control systems and other sources.  Other types of RDI’s include OPC (Ole for Process Control), Experion, PlantScape, TDC 3000, ModBus, Wonderware, Foxboro, PHD, etc.

The following criteria must be met in order for this bug to present itself as a problem.  You’ll notice the criteria build upon each other: 
1.       You must make use of the “Gateway RDI”
2.       You must use multiple “Gateway RDI’s” on one computer
3.       Using this RDI and this single computer, you must collect from more than one remote computer

The Gateway RDI is not a commonly used RDI.  It plays no part in the standard shadow server / collector configuration which are in use at most plants.  Many of you are using the Gateway RDI where you have more than one shadow server such as one on the process control network another on the business network.  In every case that I am aware of, all Gateway RDI’s any of you are using are only connecting to a single remote machine (usually the process control shadow server) and therefore will not have any problems.  In other words, you do not have to do anything with this.

If you have any questions for me or if you have any learning experiences you would like to share with me or with others, give me a call or send me an email.  Each month I’ll be sending out an email with tips and tricks that I hope will make your work experience better.  If you know of anyone else that would like to be included or if you’d like to be excluded, let me know.  Thanks for your support.  It’s great to be alive and I hope you’re having your best day so far!

Submitted by jason.baum on Wed, 04/15/2009